Digital Twin

Drive your digital transformation by creating a live digital twin of your assets with the highest level of detail and combining all information into a “one source of truth” project information model.

End-to-end management

Centralize your operations and actions related to your projects, be it in the process of design, implementation, or maintenance.

Smart city solutions

Manage your smart city through NexusTwin, a single nexus point of your digital ecosystem.

Nexus Twin is a digital twin platform for end-to-end management of AECO projects like building communities and smart cities, leveraging the latest in digital technology to enable a more connected world.

It follows multitenancy, openBIM standards, and 3rd party connections while ensuring interoperability and collaboration between all active stakeholders.

Nexus Twin provides powerful tools to enhance productivity for AECO companies and LGAs, such as BIM to GIS conversion, automatic checks of building designs or automation of permitting processes for LGAs, facility maintenance, and management, city-wide 3D analysis, simulations, etc.

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Anytime, anywhere, fast and easy from any device

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Anytime, anywhere

NexusTwin is a cloud-based solution that works completely inside any browser...

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Fast and Easy

With Nexus Twin, you will get access to data almost instantly...

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Any device

Nexus Twin works with any smart device independent of brands or operating systems...

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Unlock the full potential of your assets!!!

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Digital Twin Project Models

All digital twin project models are based on openBIM data. Users combine .ifc files from different asset disciplines like architecture, structure, MEP/HVAC, and infrastructure together and create a federated model. With platform built-in tools, users can make visual inspections of each project model individually in BIM viewer or in a geo context in the digital twin city model.

Access important information for each digital twin project model, and enhance your decision-making.

Digital twin City model

Bring more information into the digital twin project model, like base maps, nature, land use, traffic, networks, energy, emissions, and services. Use open interfaces like WMS and WFS to always keep data up to date. Manage assets in real-world locations and surroundings integrated with GIS data.

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BIM 2 GIS and GIS 2 BIM conversion

Create a seamless, bi-directional flow of data between GIS and BIM to help get all the correct data into the right hands by automatically converting your BIM models into GIS format. By choosing which elements of the BIM project models need to be converted, users can convert BIM project models into many formats, such as GeoJSON, Esri Shapefile, Esri FileGDB, GML, KML, AutoCAD DXF, MapInfo file, Geo Package, Postgre SQL, Microsoft SQL Server Spatial Database, and many others.

Centralized collaboration and communication

Connect all active stakeholders by working simultaneously on one centralized digital twin model. Communicate effectively with different team members by creating and managing issues as .bcf files.

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Common Data Environment

Securely store, manage and share project data throughout the life cycle for each digital twin project model through the CDE - Common Data Environment. This tool provides all stakeholders with an up-to-date view of the project and helps them make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Automatic Rule Verification Engine

Automate compliance and QA checks by creating custom rules according to your Building Code or create custom rules with AI help according to your internal policy. With this engine, project model checking goes beyond clash detection to include comprehensive spatial rule checking. Users view the compliance results in table view or visualize them with a 3D BIM viewer and communicate the results with team members via a .cvs file or with .bcf issue file.

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amazing caves coverimage

Digital Building Permit Workflow

The platform supports and automate the digital permitting workflow for LGAs. Now LGAs can reduce the time wasted in approval cycles by granting automated approvals by using the Automatic Rule Checking Engine and other services according to client’s needs. Digitalizing the building permit process can be a game-changer for cities, reducing time and effort spent on compliance checking while simultaneously optimizing resources. Automation of the building permit process provide more objective checks, resulting in higher-quality built environments that are consistent with city standards. With this comes the added benefit of better urban planning and improved safety for citizens.

Digital twin Statistics and Calculations

Users can get a big-picture view of the projects against critical metrics through several operational dashboards, project model calculations such as built-up area, gross floor area, car parking capacity etc, as well as other pre-defined reports according to client needs.

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Connect your Digital Twin project models with IoT

By utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, you can monitor, predict and maintain your built assets through IoT provisioning processes or integration with existing IoT endpoints. Access past and real-time IoT data anytime and anywhere.

Immerse Digital Twin projects models in Virtual Reality

Enjoy a georeferenced VR environment updated in real time with many built-in tools for enhancing your immersive experience. Fly in a digital twin city model or explore in a high level of detail each digital twin project model individually.

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amazing caves coverimage

Multiple sources of data integration

Gather and analyze data from multiple internal or external sources and streamline your processes with API services.



  • 1. Collaborate with your stakeholders proactively
  • 2. Use it as a single source of truth for project documentation for the asset lifecycle.
  • 3. Know your project performance and status
  • 4. We georeferenced BIM 3D viewer with additional tools such as building information showcase, fly-by modes, 3D tile caching for improved performance, and point cloud support.
  • 5. Sell your properties into virtual reality and apartment VR preview
  • 6. Support assets monitoring and facility management
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  • 1. Accessible, up-to-date BIM models and drawings
  • 2. Add a geospatial context to your BIM design
  • 3. Transform your BIM models to GIS data and vice versa. Transform your GIS data into BIM mode
  • 4. A central source for project communication
  • 5. View your design in virtual reality
  • 6. Up to date-to-date project dashboards and reports
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  • 1. Mitigate risks and minimize rework with clash detection
  • 2. Single source for 2D and 3D data information across disciplines
  • 3. Seamless communication with collaborative issue management
  • 4. Real-time data from the construction field
  • 5. Easy generate your building as-built design.
  • 6. Virtual reality to see how the result should be.
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  • 1. Digital transformation of permitting processes
  • 2. Build your centralized digital archive of city properties’ digital shadows and documentation in all construction phases.
  • 3. Smoot transition of BIM into GIS data and vice-verse
  • 4. Innovative city solutions, i.e., reduce costs with traffic and light predictive maintenance
  • 5. Control city building assets with measure and monitoring systems (energy consumption, heating, noise levels, air quality).
  • 6. Visualize building, community, and complete city with XR
  • 7. Create the foundation for your digital twin City
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